Preparing Sessions For Roy to Mix


  • Please label all tracks clearly, and use the comments sections in Pro Tools for mix notes.
  • Make sure that there are timeline markers of the song form. If you are working in logic you can export a midi file that contains the markers, (more on this later).
  • Record or render any effects that are part of the songs integrity. For example, an instrument going through "Guitar Rig" or "Radio Voc" effect. Label it then save the original on a  playlist or another file (if you are sending wav files), make sure you clearly label that it was an unaffected sound in the comments section or in the file name.
  • RECORD OR RENDER ANY TUNING PLUGINS. Label the playlist or fie as TUNED then. if you like, save the original on a  playlist or another file (if you are sending wav files), make sure you clearly label playlist or file that it was an UN TUNED sound in the comments section or in the file name.
  • REMOVE ALL PLUG INS and All automation should be removed from the session.
  • Delete all volume moves, mutes, automated plug-ins, etc. from the individual channels.
  • Make sure there all elastic audio processing has been rendered as desired by the editing engineer.
  • Please verify that you do not have any pops or clicks due to any incorrect processing.
  • Avoid sending stereo tracks that are actually mono..
  • Try not to put the same sounding track across multiple tracks if is the same guitar in the verse that also plays in the chorus and bridge, please put it on the same track..
  • Tracks and playlists that are not to be used should be deleted and delete all unused regions then "Save Session Copy In" checking the "All Audio Files" box to save a new session and audio files. Make sure that you "Delete Unused Regions" from the session first so they don’t take up disk space in the new session.
  • Make sure that you open up this session and that there are no missing audio files
  • if there are important delays and panning that work well with the song or any other direction that you feel would be helpful to know, please indicate this as well as tempo and sample rate in an included text document, usually, "songtitle_mixing_notes.rtf"

Arrange tracks in the following order:

  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Percussion
  • Main Guitars
  • Other Guitars
  • Main Keys
  • Main Vocal (s)
  • Lead Vocal Harmony(s)
  • Adlib vocal (s)
  • Background Vocals(s)
  • Other Keys (strings etc)
  • Strings
  • Woodwinds
  • Brass
  • Sound FX etc..
  • Current rough mix
    If you are delivering audio files instead of a session, it can be handy if you make folders named like the above to organize files.

Track Labeling: Please spend some time and label the instruments so there is no guessing what they are. Many times, we have received tracks labeled without any really indication of what is on that track. If you follow these suggestions, you will get a better mix


BassDI, BassAmp, BassSynDrums


Bass Drum- "BD", "BDin" BDout" or K","Kin", "Kout"
Snare Drum- "SN" add the suffix "Top" or "Btm" if applicable.
Tom1, Tom2 etc..
OH.L, OH.R or a stereo track marked OH
Rm.L, Rm.R or a stereo track marked Room


Lead vocal should be marked as such: "LV", Not "Voc3.01". The same for vocal doubles and background vocals: "LVDbl" or BV1, BV1Dbl and so on. Make sure all tuned tracks have been printed to another track and are clearly labeled as tuned.

Vocal Layout: We see quite a lot of sessions with little vocal bits and pieces spread out all over the place on to multiple tracks. try and avoid this, it takes a lot of time to sort this out.

Main Vocal(s): It is helpful if the main singer or singers have each one track for the main vocal and a track for its double-track, if there is one.

Harmony Vocal(s) (that harmonize with the lead vocal)

Background Vocals: group vocals, for instance, are sometimes recorded where there are say 2 or 4 tracks of unison vocals for each voice in the harmony. It’s helpful to keep these together so they can be output them to the console in stereo pairs per harmony. That way I can quickly reach for these when I am doing level or FX rides.


Notate the main instruments as such: i.e. "MainEGT", not "Lespaul-57 and "BRGPad" instead of "Phantom".

Internet delivery of files:

if you are delivering your multitracks via the internet instead of physically delivering Hard disk or tapes.

Zip up the folder containing the session files and upload a single file