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Exporting your song from logic can be a tricky process

if you are not careful you can get unexpected results.

Before you do anything save your song as "songtitle-export".

Things to note:

  • The audio on each track is printed through the mixer during the "Export",
  • this means that the fader, mono/stereo track setting, pan and plugin effects are going to be effecting your audio on that given track. I usually go and on each track and pan it center, set the fader to zero (unity) and adjust the mono/stereo setting accordingly (you don't want to export sound that is actually mono to a stereo file). bypass plugins, unless they are a virtual instrument or a the plugin(s) are part of what the final sound should be for that track.

  • I use export all tracks as audio.
  • I find that all the tracks (files) stay in sync this way.
  • Export a midi file of the song so the markers can be imported in to Pro-tools

this page is a work in progress. more to come.